New York coronavirus restrictions keeping dojo shuttered

The telegraph

Exclusive: Prince Charles announces plans to open a new craft training base in Highgrove

Highgrove has been the Prince of Wales’ private reserve for 40 years. It gradually evolves and expands to reflect its love of organic farming. Now his beloved Gloucestershire estate is said to be home to yet another of his passion projects as he announces plans to open a new craft training base for the Prince’s Foundation in his own back yard. The education center, located in converted outbuildings just a quarter of a mile from the Prince’s house, will soon be filled with students studying everything from fine woodworking to textiles. Building on the foundation’s hugely successful work at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire and at two other locations in London, it will expand the charity’s reach to the South West for the first time. The timing of expansion, with so many organizations collapsing under the pressure caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is seen as evidence of the program’s success. His training opportunities are aimed at preserving the manual skills of cultural heritage that the prince has often warned that could be lost to future generations.

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