Norman Roofing Company Working Around The Clock After Hail Storm

Norman is still recovering from a violent hail storm earlier this week. A one-stop roofing company said it worked around the clock to serve multiple communities.

Brett Johnson is just one of many Norman homeowners with roof damage and broken windows.

“It was scary,” said Johnson. “I’ve lived here all my life. I’m 44 and I’ve never seen a storm like this. ”

In addition to roof damage and six broken windows, Johnson said the storm blew up his fence.

“It was like an explosion really happened,” said Johnson. “It felt like an explosion because I’ve never seen windows before. Break double panes. “

Johnson said he cleaned up as best he could that night. He then turned to Statewide Roofing, Inc.

“Most of our people have probably gotten three or four hours of sleep every night since it happened,” said Blaze Gray, owner of Statewide Roofing, Inc. “We’ve probably boarded up a few hundred windows, skylights, and solar pipes.”

Since there has been major damage across the city, Gray encourages people to welcome contractors but make sure they are properly licensed. If you are not sure, you can ask for the construction industry board number to see if they are registered.

Gray said the company would likely work on repairs to the hailstorm over the next several years.

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