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The city council passed Mayor de Blasio’s $ 88 billion budget despite not cutting the $ 1 billion of the NYPD’s $ 6 billion budget that he had announced and advocated by many lawmakers. Rather, he removed some responsibilities from the NYPD, such as: Security officers, border guards and homeless services. The mayor also canceled the police cadet class in July, saying it would reduce police overtime by $ 350 million.

Even so, the moves did not appease critics like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said they were “Budget tricks or fun math. “Richard Buery Jr., a former deputy mayor for strategic policy initiatives, nicknamed the plan. “That budget is BS,” he tweeted. “These are not actual cuts to the NYPD and do not reflect a fundamental change in the way police work in NYC.”

A “Disappointed” spokesman Corey Johnson said he tried to further reduce the NYPD’s stake but was pushed back by some members of the Black Council who weren’t happy with the idea. “There were some members who didn’t care about $ 1 billion,” he said at a press conference ahead of the budget vote, also blaming the mayor for “don’t stir. “Johnson said the NYPD cuts were about $ 880 million.

One such member was Daneek Miller, co-chair of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus Council. “We cannot let people from outside our community give us lectures about black life and what we need in our communities,” he said New York Times quoted Miller as saying.

That budget is BS. These are not actual cuts to the NYPD and do not reflect a fundamental change in the way police work in NYC. I’m not saying “no police”. But we need a new approach to policing. That budget was an opportunity to start this journey. This is not the case.

– Richard Buery Jr. (@RichardBuery) June 30, 2020

Post in other budget areas written down Even in the general austerity climate (the COVID-19 pandemic has blasted a $ 9 billion hole in the city’s revenue), the mayor was still shoveling $ 62 million into his money-losing boondoggle, the NYC ferry . The news meanwhile found a ray of sunshine in the partial restoration of summer youth programs.

Streetsblog and AMNY highlighted the mayor $ 65 million cut from the proposed $ 200 million Fair Fares program, which enables half-price transit for nearly 200,000 needy New Yorkers – with another half a million to qualify. The news also reported that the budget is earning millions more revenue from ticket sales, particularly from enforcing cars that block bus lanes and bike lanes.

In other news yesterday:

  • The MTA will start collecting bus tariffs again from August, when it has equipped the fleet with plastic barriers to protect drivers from corona viruses. Enjoy the free rides now (Gothamist, NYP, NYDN).
  • Thanks to new MTA vending machines, you can now get masks and other PPE on the subway (NYP).
  • In one case of Whoda Thunkit, New Yorkers ignore instructions to only walk one way on narrow downtown sidewalks (NYP)
  • The new alternative parking rules cause confusion (NBC).
  • Sally Librera, the first woman to run the subway as senior vice president of NYC Transit, leaves (ABC).
  • Finally, the Daily News and The Post welcomed the city’s announcement that it would open half of the city’s pools by August 1. There are more than 50 pools, however, meaning the 15 reopened make up less than a quarter. Both stories were later updated.

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