Onduline develops Acoustic Rain Simulator to show its roofing sheets are 4x quieter than metal sheeting

Onduline develops acoustic rain simulator to show that its roofing membranes are 4x quieter than sheet metal – on display at Wickes

Published: October 13, 2021 – James Mead

Customers in a number of Wickes stores are invited to test the acoustic properties of the Onduline lightweight roof solutions with a specially developed “rain machine”.

The acoustic rain simulator was developed by technical director Ardit Strika and is intended to show that the company’s bitumen sheeting is up to four times quieter than sheet metal when it rains.

Ardit and a team from Onduline will be on site for six days of demonstration in selected Wickes stores across London.

Ardit said, “Anyone who’s been in a metal-roofed building when it was raining knows that it can be thunderous. It can often be difficult to hear yourself speak.

“While it can be unsettling to people, for example in a factory or sports center, in animal care environments it can be really disturbing or just plain irritating if it is a garden office, an outbuilding or other Outbuilding is. “

Comparative tests commissioned by Onduline have shown that the corrugated cardboard is around 23 decibels quieter than the noise of a metal roof.

“While the rain simulator cannot pass the rigorous controls required for laboratory testing, it will be a robust, hands-on demonstration of the sound-deadening properties of the products,” added Ardit.

Onduline hopes that the “rain machine” will interest everyone, from professional roofers and other craftsmen to DIY enthusiasts.

In store, customers have the opportunity to learn about Onduline’s full range of lightweight roofing membranes and shingles, including the compact Easyline system, which is perfect for sheds, studios, animal shelters and other garden buildings and is simply placed in the trunk of a typical Family cars.

As with other Onduline roofing solutions, each sheet is made from 50 to 60% recycled fiber and contains no hazardous substances, making it completely safe for people and pets.

The Acoustic Rain Simulator will be in action from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the following Wickes stores: Waltham Cross (October 11), Edmonton (13th), Chadwell Heath (14th), Barking (18th), Cricklewood (20th) .) and Hangar Lane (21.).

For more information on Onduline’s lightweight, environmentally friendly and durable roof solutions, please visit www.onduline.co.uk.

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