One-of-a-Kind Home Gets One-of-a-Kind Composite Roof

AllPro Roofing Inc. installed a new composite shake roof with DaVinci Select Shake. Photos: DaVinci roof landscapes

What is a dream house without a dream roof? A new homeowner got both when they recently bought a unique lodge home in Canada. The newly installed DaVinci Roofscapes composite shaking roof perfectly accentuates the three-story home where David and his family will work and play for years to come.

“This structure is incredibly impressive and has a roof to match,” says David. “When I first drove up, I immediately noticed how big the glass windows were. You are 32 feet tall in the great room. Then I was impressed by how the house is framed by the massive roof. The roof is critical to the proper anchoring and design of a home of this size and structure. One of the first things I thought about was wondering how roofers would ever get up there. Given the pitch, this couldn’t have been an easy task. “

Reliable composite shake

Jamie Bates agrees with David – it wasn’t an easy task.

The house in Caledon East, Ontario was brought to market. The owners wanted to make the house more attractive, so they decided to replace the roof. Bates and his team at AllPro Roofing Inc. were hired to tear down old cedar shakes and add composite shakes.

“The real cedar shakes started to deteriorate and age,” says Bates. “The owners wanted a product that replicated the existing cedar roof. However, they also wanted a maintenance-free shingle with a lifetime warranty. “

That search led the previous owners to DaVinci Select Shake in a Tahoe color. Bates recommended the DaVinci product because the impact and fire-resistant roof tiles require little maintenance. In addition, a lifetime limited material warranty is provided, which is transferable to the new owner.

“Our Canadian seasons are changing rapidly,” says Bates. “We have cold and snowy weather. Then it gets warm and rainy very quickly. Composite roofs have been shown to withstand this type of weather quite well. “

“DaVinci Select Shake was specially chosen for this property,” he continues. “The composite shake is the most aesthetic product on the market. We install up to 10 DaVinci roofs per year. The profiles and colors available from DaVinci distinguish this company’s product. “

Roofing challenges

According to Bates, the massive roof has several unique details. These include the rounded bell curves in the eaves, an array of skylights, and copper accents.

“The height and slope of the roof obviously make this a challenging project,” says Bates. “We used an articulated boom for most of the installation.”

“Removing the dry, deteriorated old cedar roof was a challenge,” notes Bates. “It created more dust and dirt than normal. In addition, there are many cuts and angles in this roof. We took the time to make this installation exceptional in every way. “

The unique details of the roof of the house include rounded bell curves on the eaves, skylights, and copper accents.

One of the aspects that took time and talent was the skylights. Several large 5-foot by 12-foot skylights had to be raised and installed on the roof. After that, the team also had to bypass a side solarium with skylights.

All roofing work took place just a few weeks before David saw his unique new home for the first time. He had been looking for the right property for years. This house ticked all the boxes.

“First of all, the out of town location in Caledon East is ideal,” says David, who lives in the Toronto area. “It’s not too remote, has a temperate climate, is close to amenities, and has privacy.”

Then came the “wow factor”.

“This house is visually stunning both inside and out,” says David. “The house feels like a lodge. There’s post-and-beam construction, towering chimneys, and lots of glass. Outside the complex and pool are spectacular. There is even a carriage on the property. This is great for making it a getaway for family and friends. “

Carefree roof

Since this is an investment in his future, David appreciates that the former owners did not get “cheap” with the roof replacement.

“I believe the DaVinci roof will look great for decades to come,” says David. “Knowing that the composite shake product will retain its aesthetics is a great convenience. The DaVinci product resists mold, moss, cracks, insects and algae growth. It’s even rated Class 4 for hurricanes and up to 110 mph for high winds. This gives me great security. I can just enjoy the house and stay off the roof! “


Roofer: AllPro Roofing Inc., Orangeville, Ontario,


Synthetic shake: DaVinci Select Shake in Tahoe, DaVinci Roofscapes,

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