Oops! New roof, wrong house: Spring Hill family calls mix-up unbelievable

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – Imagine waking up to find workers tearing down the roof of your home. That’s what a family in Spring Hill says.

It almost seemed like a dream for Belinda Hungate, who says she woke up to a noise outside and soon spotted men tearing down their roof.

“It was really shocking and surprising that someone out there tore our house apart. I scream, stop, stop and nobody listened to me, ”Belinda explained.

She says a language barrier complicated things and the men kept working, so she called her husband.

“My wife called me at work in a panic and said there were people on the roof ripping things down,” Philip Hungate told News 2.

5 percent of their roof was gone when he arrived, he said.

“It’s incredible. I can’t imagine that you would go to a construction site and just start working without communicating with the owner. You didn’t even knock on the door.”

Instead, he says, the crew went straight to work.

“We were a little surprised that they started on the site before any material or a dumpster was even here.”

Hungate says he called the police and, after speaking with the crew chief, learned that the roofers should be in Murfreesboro.

He says the contractor agreed to replace the family roof but it is not what they ordered.

“We didn’t want a roof, we didn’t need one at the time and we certainly didn’t have the opportunity to choose anything,” explained Hungate.

The family said they called a general contractor to review the work so far who said it was passable. However, the roof is not yet complete.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in her, I don’t know her. The snow stopped the work, they put some temporary shingles in some vulnerable spots and we’re just waiting for that to end so they can finish and hopefully clean up our yard. ”

The contractor told News 2 that the order is around $ 10,000.

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