Orange Park family wins new roof in ‘Shingles for Heroes’ program

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ORANGE PARK – An Orange Park soldier recently received the Shingles for Heroes program from KayCo Roofing.

This is the second year KayCo Roofing has recognized a local hero and given them a free roof for their home. However, the security protocols introduced for COVID-19 resulted in material shortages that delayed the installation of the award winner’s roof. KayCo Roofing announced the winner on its social media platforms after it was delayed because he was on the way from an overseas assignment.

Anderson returned home from his fifth outing to learn that his wife, Shannon, had nominated them for KayCo Roofing’s 2020 Shingles for Heroes giveaway, and they were chosen as heroes. When the KayCo Roofing team met with the Anderson family while following safe COVID-19 guidelines, Shannon shared a funny story.

KayCo learned that Shannon had waited hours to know that Mikaele was back on US soil, which occurred while Clark was on the other line and Shannon said she was the hero of 2020; She said it was like an answered prayer.

Anderson began his naval career at Naval Air Station Jacksonville as a P3 aircrew. Andersons Orange Park has been calling home for over a decade as they raise their two cubs. As a military family, they understand the sacrifices made both at home and on the go. However, no effort could ever have prepared the family for the challenges they would face at home.

Two years ago, the Anderson family learned that their eldest son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes cancerous spots all over the body. After several missions, treatments and many hospital visits, you can now say that your son is cancer-free. During these challenges, many other necessary responsibilities were put on hold. In Shannon’s nomination letter, she also stated that the family had bought their first home; However, the new roof of the house, a selling point for the family, was installed incorrectly and resulted in the homeowner’s insurance being denied.

The Anderson family is pleased to be united under one roof and one that will help them survive the seasons of life for years to come.

Anderson was proud and honored to be named this year’s hero. He shared with the KayCo team that he is currently studying for a degree to serve military personnel with post-traumatic stress disorder who he would like to begin after completing his military career. Anderson said integration into post-service civilian life in the country is often a difficult transition and he looks forward to helping other military members.

Clark Briggs Jr., owner of KayCo Roofing, said: “[I feel like] In fact, providing a roof for a family who is making sacrifices for our freedoms is like helping them with a new roof. You have been through so much; They are real heroes. Anderson family, thank you very much for your service! “It was a privilege to conduct Shingles for Heroes to honor our hometown heroes. We never could have guessed that 2020 would be what we saw, but we would also have remembered the courageous people who live in our church. I want to thank the community for their support and we look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the roofing needs of our community. “

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