Organization provides new roof for Army veteran in Lorain

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LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – An Army veteran will know they have a good roof over their heads thanks to some generous people in northeast Ohio.

Lula Pearl Gibson joined the Army in 1978 and was honorably discharged in 1984. She settled in her family home in Lorain about three years ago.

The family first moved there in 1953 and time takes its toll on the structure.

“There were leaks and things that required a complete roof replacement,” said David Sipes of Legacy Roofing Services.

The Owens Corning Roofing Deployment Project is a nationwide initiative to honor and protect veterans with a new roof over their heads. Gibson was selected along with Purple Heart Homes.

“Your expression is innumerable. The way they feel inside, knowing that people are really trying to help them, ”Patrick Main told Owens Corning.

Legacy Roofing Services was asked to carry out the roof replacement.

“We said 100 percent yes without hesitation,” said Sipes.

Not only is Gibson getting a nearly $ 15,000 roof replacement, but Legacy Roofing got their groceries as well and decided to fix their gutters so they can have a happy Christmas.

“She mentioned that she couldn’t stay in the house unless it was for people like us to come out here and do this,” Sipes said.

“You can’t imagine what that means to me,” said Gibson.

With each old stone scrapped from the roof, her smile grew bigger as she thanked her for the hard work.

Main said a new roof symbolizes freedom for the veterans they help.

“For me that means that I am a military veteran myself and that I give something back to the people who make our lives free. That’s why we like to give something back,” he said.

A freedom that Gibson hopes will be given to many more fellow veterans.

“Help us. Do what you can to help our veterans because they are the ones who need it.”

Legacy Roofing said it will install these new gutters on Tuesday and Purple Heart Homes said Gibson should have their porches repaired next year.

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