Owners of Greene County Career Center want to create new trade school

“What sets us apart from other business schools is that we have a heating and cooling company, a plumbing company, and a roofing company that have the students come to use what they have in the field that morning or the day before that afternoon learned, “said Morris.

Morris said he and his partners are all in long-term recovery. Morris has been recovering for 19 years.

“We all have hearts for people in recovery,” he said. “All of our companies are so-called second chance companies. When someone is struggling with addiction problems and is on the right track, we are ready to take a risk, keep them occupied and give them hope for the recovery process. That’s a pretty important ingredient for success. “

Morris said about half of his company’s 100 employees made recovery from addicts. He said the group was already negotiating another potential school location, but then that building was auctioned off.

“If God didn’t move in our lives, none of this would be possible. Everything just came together, ”said Morris. “We’re really going to do it on an incredibly large scale. We don’t really want to make any money with it. If the only thing that happens is we’re helping people who are recovering or are youngsters at risk and giving them careers and hoping for their journey … our mission is accomplished. “

Greene County’s Career Center superintendent Dave Deskins said he was thrilled to see someone on the same mission buy the old career center building.

“I know this has been a tough day for old employees and alumni. The sale of the building is bittersweet. But it’s great to see that it can be used and the work we did there continues with Mr. Morris and his partners, ”said Deskins.

Deskins said he and Morris had discussed how the two schools might work together in the future.

“Our career center has welcomed people into the workforce for years. And it’s great that someone is working to fill jobs that we don’t currently offer for students from the area, such as: B. HVAC and plumbing crying out for more people and bringing them into the local economy, ”Deskins said. “This is really good for Greene County and it will be good for the entire Miami Valley.”

Career center students visited the new $ 70 million career center built on Innovation Drive in August 2020. Voters approved a 20-year tax of EUR 1.03 million to help pay for the new facility in Xenia. The building was designed by Levin Porter Architects and Shook Construction was the general contractor.

The law required the Greene County Career Center the old building to offer charter and STEM schools in the district. Nobody was interested in the building, so it was put up for auction. The Board of Education will consider this offer at the March 10th meeting.

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