Panda Express Celebrates Lunar New Year with Innovative Digital Experience

Panda Express, the largest family-owned and operated Asian food concept in the United States, has launched a celebration in honor of New Year celebrations, one of the world’s largest food, family and togetherness festivals. For years, Panda has been celebrating with guests in the store by giving the usual lucky red envelopes or “hóng bāo” on the first day of the new lunar year. With celebrations looking a little different than years ago, the American Chinese restaurant brand is digitally using this time-honored tradition – to bring happiness to even more people across the country, no matter how near or far they are. Until February 28, guests can visit on their mobile phones to send their own virtual celebrations and personal congratulations to loved ones via this red envelope digital experience. Panda also shares special offers with any guest who sends and receives a digital red envelope during the celebrations.

To bring the spirit of the Lunar New Year to life and invite strangers, Panda unveiled a new 3-minute short film that tells a story through the lens of a young man who in his own way discovers the meaning of the holiday. The short explores the idea that a person’s desire to get together with loved ones and wish them happiness is actually a common value that unites us all.

“While the New Year is celebrated differently around the world and has a different meaning for each individual, the holiday unites us under a universal ideal,” says Andrea Cherng, Chief Brand Officer at Panda Express. “The vacation inspires hope for the future and inspires us all to enjoy meaningful moments together. As a family business founded by Chinese immigrants, we are honored to share the meaning of the Lunar New Year with our guests in new ways every year and give them the opportunity to spread new hope and happiness to those around them. “

The vacation is not complete without a family dinner with symbolic dishes that bring new beginnings to life. As vivid as the fireworks that light up the night sky on New Year’s Eve, Panda Express’ Firecracker Chicken Breast returns with the same bold and loud flavors. The Wok Smart menu consists of antibiotic-free chicken breasts, fresh peppers, onions, green beans and whole dried chilies, all tossed in a spicy black bean sauce in the wok. Guests can enjoy this dish and other Lunar New Year favorites like chow mein noodles for longevity, orange chicken and orange for prosperity, honey walnut prawns for good luck, and spring rolls that are similar to gold bars for prosperity – with panda’s new family dinner for 29 USD for a limited time. The red envelope digital offer can be redeemed for $ 2 this year with the purchase of a two-entree plate of Firecracker Chicken Breast selections or a free 22-ounce drink or free order of vegetable spring rolls.

Panda extends the excitement of the lunar New Year to guests at every touch point, making it easier than ever for families and communities to partake in this joyful time of year. As distance learning continues in many schools, Panda has virtually conducted its cultural education program in the classroom – Let’s Explore !: Lunar New Year, a free online program, gives teachers and parents across the country the tools they need to learn about the cultural To arouse the curiosity of the students. In addition, Panda has teamed up with Joy Cho, the founder and creative director of Oh Joy !, to create limited edition celebration kits for the whole family. The Lunar New Year Celebration Kit contains the exclusive Oh Joy! Aprons for children and adults, a recipe book, eight red envelope cards with happiness, activity sheets for the Panda Cub Club and much more. Guests can purchase one at while supplies last.

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