Philadelphia grandmother receives new roof thanks to community police officers

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A grandmother’s heartbreak turned to hope on Belgrade Street in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond section. Hatixhe Haliti went through an ordeal to repair her sunken roof.

She was betrayed $ 500. The roofer she had hired took the money off and ignored her calls.

Haliti filed a police report back in October.

“Every night I would go home when it was raining and I couldn’t stop thinking of her like, ‘Oh my god, her roof is open’, she has pretty much all of the rainwater on her floor,” said community officer Cynthia Padua .

Padua and her partner, Officer Ryan Barksdale, had wondered how they could help. They asked around and then the cops found the right people, Clarence E Smith Roofing.

On Monday they repaired Haliti’s roof as a gift.

“This could be my mother, my grandmother and make them suffer like this. We will solve the problem just for them,” said Earl Smith.

The community police hope that this will shed light on the fact that many in uniform also have big hearts. Both officials tell Action News that getting this roof repaired for free has paid off in many ways.

“She couldn’t stop hugging us and saying thank you,” said Padua.

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