PHOTOS: Thatched Roofing Added to New Porte-Cochére as Refurbishment Continues at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

While many other projects around Disney’s Polynesian Resort are coming to an end, progress is chugging with the new monorail station. It has already been confirmed that the new train station will not open when the resort reopens on July 19th. However, a new milestone has been reached in the nearby Porte-cochére when the crews begin installing the decorative thatched roofs.

When we passed the area due to lightning strike, there were no crews on duty, but a lot of progress was made. The central part of the porte-cochére is almost finished.


The decorative canopy is reminiscent of the Polynesian theme of the resort.


We also took a snapshot of Monorail Yellow driving through the new train station.


Work on the side panels of the roof has yet to begin, but you can compare this photo to the concept drawing below.


Construction continues below the monorail station.


Equipment and materials are provided here for use by the construction crew.


The roof of the walkway to the Grand Ceremonial House was waterproofed. Most of the walkway is covered in plastic sheeting, including the recently added white railing.


The construction site was very busy near Pineapple Lanai. Crew members and an excavator were actively involved.


The pile of dirt has grown significantly since our last update. They also seemingly added frames and rebar to prepare the concrete, which may widen the path.


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