Pizza Hut Goes Big on Value with New $5 Menu

Pizza Hut announced that it will now sell some of its most popular dishes for just $ 5. The YUM! The brand chain launched the value-oriented $ 5 lineup nationwide at all locations on Wednesday.

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“The $ 5 lineup gives our customers what they really want, Pizza Hut pizzas for just $ 5,” said Marianne Radley, Chief Brand Officer of Pizza Hut, USA, in a statement. “The ability to get the best tasting pizza right when you order it for $ 5 is second to none, and there is an incredible variety of foods in this selection, from wings to indulgent desserts.”

When customers select two or more menu options, e.g. For example, a medium-sized pizza with a topping, stuffed garlic knots, a duplicate order of Grissini or Cinnabon Mini Rolls, each item costs only $ 5. The Cinnabon Mini Rolls were added to Pizza Hut’s permanent menu on October 8th.

The launch of the new line coincides with the latest updates to the Hut Rewards pizza loyalty program, where customers can earn points for every dollar spent on groceries. With the new brand changes, customers can earn points for carryout, dine-in, delivery, and any $ 5 lineup orders.

“With a sea of ​​restaurant businesses selling groceries at this price point, we’re excited to find our shared menu items can feed your friends and family, not just yourself,” added Radley.

After spending $ 130 million on redesigning the brand in 2017, Pizza Hut slowly transformed.

After the NFL split from Papa John’s last season, Pizza Hut took the opportunity to partner with them as the NFL’s official pizza sponsor. Pizza Hut has a multi-year contract with the NFL that allows for a variety of exclusive marketing rights, benefits, and names. The Pizza Hut partnership with the NFL includes the collective use of all 32 team brands and includes the NFL working closely with Pizza Hut to enable local, exclusive team partnerships. Pizza Hut has the ability to use playing cards and unique fan experiences for all NFL games in marketing and promotional campaigns each year.

Pizza Hut is the first to admit that the turnaround for the brand will take some time, but hopes these new initiatives will help improve its position in the future. “We still believe that Pizza Hut’s turnaround will be slow in the US, but we are encouraged by the foundation that is being created and continue to make significant steps to improve the brand’s position,” said Greg Creed, CEO of YUM! Brands, earlier in the year.

Pizza Hut is expected to post a profit for the third quarter on October 31st. Domestic sales in the same store were unchanged for Pizza Hut (down 2 percent internationally). By then, they had increased 2 percent year-on-year in the US compared to the same period last year.

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