Police Chief personally offering $100 reward for information related to recent incidents involving roofing nails

SAINT GEORGE, Kan. (WIBW) – More than five pounds of roofing nails were found on the easel along the 400 block of West First Street in Saint George on Saturday, February 27, after an officer parked to monitor traffic in the area.

City crews brought out a large roll magnet to hold any nails in the area and prevent the nails from damaging tires.

The collected nails were in different stages of weathering and rust, which led the police to believe that these nails had been placed in the area several times

On the way to the police station this morning, Chief Trechter found another handful of brand new nails in the area where they had removed the more than 5 pounds.

“You don’t hurt us if you do this, it doesn’t hurt us, it doesn’t come out of our pockets, it comes out of the pockets of the citizens, so they should be upset. I know that it is me “Saint George police chief Dan Trechter says police chief.

A criminal case has been opened by the Saint George Police Department after hundreds of roofing pegs were recently discovered in a known area where officers park their units while operating radar.

Chief Trechte offers $ 100 of his personal money as a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible and reminds citizens when they see something to say something to keep the community safe.

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