Polyglass Announces New Code Approvals for Fire-Resistant Polystick XFR Underlayment

Polyglass USA, Inc. announced that its Polystick XFR self-adhesive fireproof pad has received a new Certificate of Registration (NOA) from Miami-Dade County (NOA #: 20-1117.03).

Polystick XFR is a dual purpose fire retardant and self adhesive waterproof underlay that provides excellent fire resistance for a variety of high temperature applications including combustible decks with metal roofing.

The approved use of the product includes installation over an anchor plate mechanically attached to uninsulated wooden decks. Refer to the NOA for system-specific restrictions and installation requirements.

The Miami-Dade NOA is the latest in a growing number of code approvals for Polystick XFR as industry regulators recognize its ability to meet or exceed their standards for superior roof protection.

Polystick XFR is now approved by the following code agencies:

  • Underwriter Laboratories (UL)
  • International Codes Council (ICC-ES)
  • Miami-Dade County
  • Florida Building Code (FBC)
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
  • California Office of State Fire Marshal (Cal OSFM)

The Polystick XFR underlay consists of an SBS (elastomer) -modified bitumen top connection and an aggressive self-adhesive connection on the underside with our patented ADESO® self-adhesive technology. The Polystick XFR also features our patent-pending Burn-Shield ™ technology, which offers excellent resistance to flame spread. The result is an advanced, penetration-resistant, fireproof, and easy-to-install underlay that provides unsurpassed water resistance while withstanding temperatures of up to 265 ° F.

These recent code approvals for Polystick XFR underscore Polyglass’ continued commitment to developing industry-leading technologies and solutions for commercial roofing systems around the world.

Further information can be found at polyglass.us.

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