Polyurethane Roofing Sealant Designed for Challenging Applications

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. introduces Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash Polyurethane Roof Sealer. Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash is easy to use and offers excellent adhesion, elongation and tensile strength. It is an exceptionally versatile maintenance and repair solution. The one-part, 100 percent solids, non-shrink polyurethane sealant can be used in typical and difficult to access applications including covers, skylights, pitch bags (fill and seal), inlaid gutters, air conditioning and tile trusses, roof vents, ducts, plumbing, skylights , Chimneys and seams. It is compatible with a wide variety of substrates including metal, polyurethane foam, aged smooth asphalt, aged modified bitumen, aged PVC, and aged EPDM.

It can be used on TPO roof systems when primed with Mule-Hide Si TPO Primer. It is compatible with acrylic and silicone roof coatings from Mule-Hide Products. It is an ideal choice for repairing polyurethane foam roofs damaged by hail.

Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash is applied in one step with a brush or a ribbon nozzle. It requires minimal tools, but is viscous enough to prevent leakage and leakage. It is semi-leveling and can be used to seal and repair single-layer membranes on any slope. No fabric reinforcement is required for repairs. No stirring is required.

Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash is available in three colors – black, white and gray. It is packaged in 10-ounce seal tubes, 20-ounce sausage tubes, 1-gallon pails, and 3.5-gallon pails.

More information is available at www.mulehide.com.

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