Prince George roofing company turns decrease in business into helping others prep for winter storm

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va (WRIC) – After two days of storm preparation, the VDOT crews met again on Saturday evening to begin the next phase of preparing the roads for the winter storm.

You are one of several groups preparing for the expected snowfall on Sunday.

VDOT crews aren’t the only ones working to make our roads safe from the storm.

A man quits his job to help local businesses and homeowners prepare their parking lots and driveways for winter weather.

Hours before the winter storm and just off Route One in Colonial Heights, Cory Dunnavant provides parking for local businesses like Touchstone Bank.

He can usually be found on the roofs of houses they repair, but in recent years, when business goes down due to cold temperatures or the pandemic, he and his crew are helping locals prepare for storms.

“We may be a little cold, but it works and it benefits everyone a little,” laughed Dunnavant.

In areas outside of Chesterfield, parking lots and driveways are pre-treated with a sodium chloride mixture.

“Hopewell, Prince George, Colonial Heights, some places in Chester,” Dunnavant listed the areas his crew helps companies with.

As a grocery store like Market at 25th in Richmond, you order extra milk and bread to prepare for more customers.

“The first two hours after the start of a storm are the most dangerous,” said VDOT spokesman Kyle Gibson.

Like Dunnavant, spokesman Kyle Gibson said that the VDOT crews pre-treated roads.

“I think our crews are ready,” Gibson told 8News on Saturday.

Like VDOT, Dunnavant said his crew will get their snow plows out to clear lots when the winter storm leaves a dangerous amount of snow.

If you are out and about during this storm and need to know the conditions, VDOT staff should pick up your phone, dial 511, or download the 511 app.

It’s just one way officials say you can protect yourself in a storm.

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