Princeton City Council to Accept Bids for Roofing Project | WPKY 103.3 FM

Princeton City Council will accept bids for roof repairs on the public works garage after initial estimates turned out higher than expected.

The project is included in the city’s current budget, but Mayor Kota Young said estimates were in excess of $ 30,000, which required the need for a bidding process.

Elsewhere, the Princeton Police Department’s June activity report showed 70 arrests for the month of 23 crimes. In addition, the police served 41 arrest warrants, court summons and emergency protection orders.

In road traffic, the officers issued 55 traffic warnings and issued 119 verbal warnings in the event of violations.

Princeton Fire Chief Brent Francis told the council his department had a busier than normal month in June, with 26 service calls. Eleven of the calls were related to vehicle accidents and three related to false positives.

The council approved the Mayor’s Executive Order appointing Fredonia Mayor Jim Seibert to the district’s board of directors for Pennyrile Area Development. The vote was 5-0, with Councilor Jim Joiner absent.

The council also approved the appointment of Mara Jo Thomas to the Princeton Tourist and Convention Commission, which runs until June 2024. The vote was 4-0, with Councilor Morgan Rousseau abstaining as Thomas is a family member.

In his report to the council, the Mayor praised the State Transport Cabinet for its speedy work in paving two main streets in downtown Princeton last week.

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In the monthly alcohol control report, city clerk Julie Key said that May 2021, for the first time in 2021, monthly alcohol tax receipts did not exceed the same month in 2020, which will be roughly the same as in 2020.

State ABC laws limit the use of tax revenue from the sale of alcohol.

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