Propane Council 2020 Commercial Project of the Year

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has named the KOA Campground in Boston / Cape Cod the Commercial Propane Project of the Year 2020, an annual competition that honors the best residential and business projects using propane gas.

The campground is a popular tourist destination for visitors to Boston, Cape Cod, and Southeast Massachusetts. As in any hospitality business, guest experience is extremely important and a crucial factor in the decision to switch from electric to propane for water heating.

After customer complaints were raised about minimal hot water consumption and long waiting times, the KOA Campground began converting water heaters to propane tankless systems a few years ago. However, due to their budget, they were only able to convert two water heaters per year.

Fortunately, with the help of JaySan Gas Service Operations Manager Evan Pittsley, the campsite was able to expedite the conversion of all water heaters to propane. A total of 18 cabins were powered by propane, which improved the overall customer experience. Pittsley negotiated equipment and material prices with vendors, secured incentives from the New England Propane Association (PGANE), and arranged discounts from tankless manufacturer Rinnai to fund this project.

“The move from electric water heating to propane water heaters seems a perfect fit for this campsite,” said competition judge Matt Evans, building systems analyst and certified HERS evaluator at Newport Ventures. “This eliminates the waiting time for campers who camp and don’t want to wait for a warm shower. As an avid camper who rents such cabins, I can confirm firsthand the benefits of propane without a tank and electric water heating. “

“What impressed me most about the project was the propane supplier’s ability to find a solution to equip the entire campsite with propane water heaters,” added Judge Brian Brooks, manager at Brooks Gas. “It underlines the personal relationship our industry has with its customers and suppliers – relationships that other energy providers simply do not have.”

In addition to the tankless units in the cabins, the campsite uses propane in a pumping station that fills portable bottles and RVs, and in a laundry building with propane gas dryers.

“Propane tankless systems offer significant advantages over electric water heating options, and we were excited that this move can help improve the overall customer experience,” said Bryan Cordill, PERC director of residential and commercial development.

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