Proposed hailstorm roofing rebate in Calgary upped to $3,000, expanded to entire city – Calgary

Calgary homeowners who are still seeking help replacing their roofs with more hail-resistant materials after the multi-billion dollar hail storm in 2020 will receive a little more support than originally thought.

On Tuesday, the city’s Priority and Finance Committee approved a recommendation from city officials to increase the resilient roof rebate program for homeowners to $ 3,000.

“(City government) found that the $ 2,000 discount probably wasn’t enough to change people’s behavior because it didn’t really cover the cost difference between the non-resilient roof and the resilient roof,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “So they increased the amount a little and increased the overall size to allow more people to be eligible.”

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As part of the discount program, which is scheduled to start in June 2021, homeowners who were affected by the hailstorm of June 13, 2020 in the northeast of the city have the first six months. After that, other homeowners across town could access the discounts.

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Only single and semi-detached houses would be eligible.

“The purpose of the program is to educate Calgarians about the benefits of resilient roofing materials and to help Calgarians build a more resilient city,” said Kris Dietrich of Calgary Building Services to the city’s Priority and Finance Committee (PFC).

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The annual report shows that Calgary “remains on a solid financial footing.”

“There are 320,000 homes in Calgary that are eligible for this type of program,” said Dietrich. “We said that about seven percent of these people could potentially try to replace their roof. And of that seven percent, we assumed that three percent would be interested in this program. “

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The committee recommended that the council approve $ 2.175 million for the first year of the program with 7-1 votes, with only Ward 4 Coun. Sean Chu declines the recommendation.

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Further funding and any changes to the proposed three-year program would return to the Committee and Council after the first year, with new houses to be added in the final year.

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Dietrich said getting the insurance industry on board with appropriate incentives would help a program that upgrades may not be fully funded and oversubscribed.

“In this case, we intend to return to PFC to request additional funding,” said Dietrich.

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If approved by the city council, funding for the first year would come from the Fiscal Sustainability Reserve, also known as the Rainy Day Fund.

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Nenshi, whose own roof is in need of repair after the June 2020 hail storm, said the city is stepping in to help homeowners on a greater scale than they could individually.

“(Disasters) cost homeowners a lot, it just adds to everyone’s insurance. Because of this, the city believed that if we make a small investment to help people, the cost for everyone will be low. “

The Council will discuss the program in May.

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