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Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee met up with Trump’s defense team

After the House’s impeachment executives made their case against former President Donald Trump, three of his staunch Senate Republican supporters – Lindsey Graham, SC, Mike Lee, Utah and Ted Cruz, Texas – discussed their defense with Trump’s attorneys present on Friday. Trump attorney David Schoen told reporters on Thursday evening they were discussing “how this format works, you know, question-and-answer time, all of that”. Graham, Lee and Cruz are “friendly people,” said Schön, and after chatting “about the procedure,” the conversation moved on to “where are they from and all that … I told them it was a great honor Having the opportunity to speak to them. ”He denied asking him questions they wanted to ask. Graham declined to start talking while Cruz told CNN, “We discussed their legal strategy and shared our thoughts.” Graham, Lee and Cruz are juries in the Senate process, and while supposed to be impartial, they have already made it clear that they will not vote to convict Trump of incitement to insurrection. During Trump’s first impeachment trial, then-Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Admitted that he would “coordinate with the president’s lawyers,” adding that “there is no chance the president will run out.” removed from office. ” “” More stories from theweek.comGOP MP Herrera Beutler confirms the controversial riot between Trump and McCarthy7. McCarthy7 is a hilarious cartoon about Republican cowardice for impeachment. Impeachment isn’t what will hurt Trump the most

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