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(WSVN) – A South Florida homeowner just had her roof repaired, so you can imagine her anger when she stepped outside and saw her roof being destroyed. Kevin Ozebek from the Nightteam has the special mission report tonight: Roof Ripoff.

Shirley Johnson loves her Deerfield Beach house, which she bought in 1969.

Shirley Johnson, Homeowner: “I saw them build it. I was 20 years old when we moved in. My husband was in Vietnam. “

But now…

Kevin Ozebek: “You don’t like being in your own garden anymore?”

Shirley Johnson: I don’t. Not me.”

And that’s because from here you can really see the massive black mess on their roof.

Shirley thinks it’s tar.

Shirley Johnson: “It was terrible. It smelled like tar and I know what tar smells like. “

Last month Shirley had to repair her roof.

Shirley Johnson: “There was a drip-drip and there was a leak.”

So she called a trustworthy contractor she has known for 30 years.

Shirley Johnson: “They had to go with this clapboard. They paired up pretty well so the job looked like it had never happened before. I was really happy. “

A week later the doorbell rang. Her son opened the door.

Shirley’s son: “Yes.”

Man: “Let me show you something.”

He says this man, as well as a second man seen here, claimed they worked for the contractor who had only done the job seven days earlier.

Shirley Johnson: “I couldn’t understand why you came back, but I think maybe you just want to touch up the wood.”

Soon Shirley’s husband got out.

The two men told him they wanted money.

Shirley then came out angry.

“But who are you?!?!?”

When Shirley spoke to them, the damage was done.

Shirley Johnson: The guy says, ‘We put eight buckets of this stuff up there, eight gallons. It will cost you between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. “I said, ‘Are you crazy? You just destroyed my roof. Do you think i will pay you ‘”

Shirley told the men to call her contractor.

When she ran back to her house to get her cell phone, the two men stormed into a white pickup.

Kevin Ozebek: “Do you have any reason to believe these are legitimate contractors?”

Brian Montgomery, Broward Sheriff’s Office: “No way.”

According to Montgomery, BSO wants these two men to be identified.

One wore a white shirt and a black cap.

His face is difficult to see because of the face mask, but we have a better view of the second man who has a white beard.

Brian Montgomery: “We want to talk to you.”

Montgomery says if someone comes to your home unannounced for repairs, call the police immediately.

Brian Montgomery: If they’re legit, they won’t go. They’ll wait for law enforcement to show up. Why? Because they have nothing to hide. “

Kevin Ozebek: “What do you think was your motivation?”

Shirley Johnson: “Money.”

The two men told Shirley what they sprayed would dry clear.

Of course that didn’t happen.

If you have any information on these two men, call the BSO at 954-490-4287.

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