RoofersCoffeeShop Announces 2021 Roofing Influencers

RoofersCoffeeShop the 2021 RCS Roofing Influencer. RCS influencers contribute thoughts and wisdom on a monthly basis through interviews, videos and articles on RoofersCoffeeShop on relevant industry and roofing topics. The influencers represent all facets of the industry, including contractors, associations and industrial service providers. Your insights will be recognized in a special category on the website called RCS Influencers.

“We’ve asked key questions to various groups of RCS influencers over the past four years and we’ve found that they all have expertise in completely different areas of a roofer’s business. We have been committed to sharing this line of thought since 2017, ”explains Heidi J. Ellsworth of RoofersCoffeeShop. “With the opinions, tips or advice of our RCS influencers, our readers get a feel for all sides of a topic. Our influencers are real thought leaders in the umbrella industry, offering diverse and informative perspectives based on their interactions and relationships. “

We are proud to announce the following 2021 RCS influencers:

1st Rae July – Chinook Roof

2. Tammy Hall – CFS Roofing Services

3. Pete Harding – Go Green Roofing

4. Greta Bajrami – Golden Group Roofing

5. Michelle and Christian Kettering – LTD Exteriors

6. Danny Kerr – Breakthrough Academy

7. Julissa Chavez – SRS Distribution, Inc.

8. Rod Petrick – Ridgeworth Roofing Co Inc.

9. Charles Antis – Antis Roof & Waterproofing

10. Michelle Boykin and Curtis Sutton – Rackley Roofing

11. Trent Cotney – Cotney Building Act

12. Thea Dudley – Bag Protection, LLC

13. Heidi Ellsworth – RoofersCoffeeShop

14. Rudy Gutierrez – Shell Roofing Solutions

15. Wendy Marvin – Matrix Roofing and Home Solutions

16. Mandy McIntyre – Roof of choice

17. Mike Pickel – Texas Traditions Roofing

18. Marty Stout – Go Roof Tune Up

19. Ashley and Seth Pietsch – Integrity Insurance & Bonding Inc.

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