Roofing company gets recognition with 120-year legacy | Business Observer

SARASOTA – The editors of Roofing Contractor recently announced a Sarasota-based company as Commercial Roofing of the Year 2021.

The leading independent publication in the roofing industry has recognized the Sutter Roofing Company with its 120-year history of innovation as the recipient of the award. Sutter was selected from companies across the United States. According to the press release, this is the most recognized award in the industry.

Sutter’s dedication to excellence as well as the company’s unwavering support for the communities it serves also contributed to the award.

“It’s a great testimony to our long-time employees and everyone who works at Sutter Roofing,” said President Doug Sutter in the press release. “We couldn’t be more proud to win this award and think we deserve it very much. Our family has been in the roofing industry for four generations, and that is a highlight for us. “

The release pointed to the company’s ability to safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and current building materials supply shortages as another reason it was the chosen recipient.

“COVID-19 really forced our people to communicate and really after the ‘why?’ to search. stand behind things, ”says Executive VP Brad Sutter. “We closed offices, we had people with COVID-19, and that came out just as things opened up, and then our people had to make other adjustments around the issue of material shortages. All of that really forced us to be super nimble. “

To commemorate this award, the company recently celebrated its employees at its three main offices in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota. “It takes a whole team to be as successful as we have had, and that goes back to our great people,” says Doug. “This award is for her.”

The Sutter Roofing Company is one of the country’s largest market leaders in commercial roofing and sheet metal construction. The company is headquartered in Sarasota with five other locations across the state.

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