Roofing company gifts new roof to Hampton homeowner after starting construction on wrong house

HAMPTON, VA. (WAVY) – With more and more people staying at home due to the pandemic, home improvement projects are a huge task.

General Manager of Wholesale roofersAaron Blackwell says that unlike some other companies, sales were going well at this point.

“A lot of people realize that getting a roof before you start leaking is better for you,” Blackwell said.

Last Saturday began like many others for the roofers. They set out to redesign a house on Parkside Avenue in Hampton.

Sharon Russell owns the house and says her brother was home when construction began.

“He didn’t think about it much. He called recently to say there was a leak on the right side of the house, ”she explained.

Russell says when workers peeled off the entire roof he became suspicious of thinking it was just a patch job. He was right; You were doing too much. In fact, they didn’t even belong up there.
The new roof was to be installed on the house across the street.

Blackwell says the right customers called him and wondered why they were late.

“There are roofers across the street. Do you think they have the wrong address? Our office manager said, “No, we are really good at it, we never went to the wrong address. It’s not us, it’s a different company. ‘But that wasn’t the case,’ Blackwell told 10 On Your Side.

Russell says this mix-up was a great blessing.

“I came out later to see what was going on. I didn’t know who was who so I asked the first one, are you my canopy? Now that I’ve met the owner, I’ll call him my roof angel, ”smiled Russell.

Blackwell says after the mistake was made he went to a place on Facebook where roofers talk about various things. He says it’s not as unusual as you might think. Other roofers say this happens to them about once a year.

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