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ORLANDO, Florida – There is more pain for homeowners who have selected a highly regarded roofer who has suddenly been shut down.

Action 9 found some owners who got new roofs, now have mortgages on their homes and could even face foreclosure. Consumer investigator Todd Ulrich is investigating a controversial law threatening homeowners who did nothing wrong and are now paying for a contractor’s bad practices.

“It’s madness. It really is, ”said Ricardo Delbrey.

He feels betrayed by Jarrod Redding, who runs the umbrella army.

Delbrey paid $ 22,000 for a new roof months ago.

“Are you forced to pay twice for your clapboards?” Asked Urich.

“I am, I am,” replied Delbrey.

After paying in full, the clapboard supply company gave him a $ 8,000 lien on his house because the umbrella army never paid their bill.

“Now I have a lien on my house and I don’t know what could happen,” said Delbrey.

Action 9 first revealed how the once-respected company shut down after customers claimed they had raised large deposits on new roofs that were never installed.

Now some customers who got roofs have to pay mortgages because they say the umbrella army stiffened the suppliers.

“Do you feel double-crossed?” Asked Ulrich.

“Of course I do, of course,” said one Orlando man, who was given a $ 7,000 lien on his house. He paid for a new roof, but the roof army didn’t pay for the shingles. “I feel like a victim of fraud,” he said.

These cases are possible due to a controversial state law. The Florida Construction Lien Law can be cruel. In some cases, due to the contractor’s bad business practices, homeowners have to pay twice for the same job.

Delbrey never thought that paying after the job could be risky.

“I’ll never trust anyone else again, not with this law,” Delbrey said.

Homeowners are made aware of the law, but it can be confusing and it can be difficult to ask vendors to waive the lien.

The rooftop army office appeared to be deserted.

Ulrich went to the contractor’s house but received no answer.

In the worst case, if the company’s customers don’t pay twice, the supplier can foreclose their houses.

“It’s cruel. It is unfair. It really is, ”said Delbrey.

Business owners blamed unexpected setbacks that they are working to correct.

If a contractor is working on your house, it is best to ask the suppliers and subcontractors for a waiver of the lien before making the final payments to the contractor.

Answer of the umbrella army:

We would like to sincerely apologize to our community for every customer who has been affected by us in the past few months. Unexpected financial problems have taken us in a direction that was never expected. This business has been a dream of mine since I was 8 years old and dedicated myself to doing great work for great people. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete a number of jobs for customers that we had promised, which rightly angered our community. Orlando is my home, I’ve lived here all my life and it was my plan to raise my family here too, so my wife and I want nothing more than to do this right for our neighbors and the community.

With this in mind, we work around the clock to repay our customers and meet with well-known local roofing companies to keep the contracts and commitments we have made. Just as I have struggled to build my dream business, I will struggle to do the right thing with every client we have placed in this position. I am confident that in the coming weeks we will find a solution for every customer and correct this situation.

As we work to correct our mistakes and help every single customer who has been affected during this time, we just want to say that we appreciate everyone who has supported us over the years and for everyone’s patience during this difficult time .

We will do this right!


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