Roofing contractor pleads guilty to lying to OSHA

The owner of a construction company pleaded guilty to having provided false information in connection with an investigation into the safety of a construction site he controlled and of providing false information to the labor protection agency, the US Justice Department said on Wednesday.

Luis Estrada, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, allegedly told an OSHA investigator who found an alleged occupational health and safety law violation on a project on Main Street in Bridgeport in March 2018 that he was not involved in the roof construction despite having paid him three checks The DOJ said in a statement that a total of US $ 11,000 had been paid to carry out the work.

The DOJ also alleged that when OSHA served Mr. Estrada with a subpoena for documents related to the roofing work, Mr. Estrada again denied being associated with the project.

He faces a maximum of five years in prison for his request and is currently on bail of $ 75,000. The conviction is not yet planned.

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