Roofing Magazine Launches “Roofing: The Industry’s Voice” Podcast

Roofing magazine has published a podcast entitled “Roofing: The Industry’s Voice”. Like the publication and website, the podcast will explore technical details about the design and installation of roof systems, cover key industry initiatives, and showcase interesting projects. In the first episode, titled “Postcards from Europe: Mission-Critical Roofs,” Chris King, editor of Roofing, talks to Tiffany Coppock and Marc Clynhens about innovative roof assemblies on structures such as the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece; the Firstsite Design Center in Essex, England; and the Stora Enso Langerbrugge mill in Belgium. They’re also investigating the roof assembly at a U.S. facility to protect a facility that processes a billion gallons of water every day. These roofs are also featured in the January-February issue of Roofing.

To listen to the podcast, simply visit the podcast page on the Roofing website at Photos and more details on these projects can be found in the online article entitled “Mission-critical roofs protect some of the world’s most interesting buildings,” which also links to the podcast.

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