Roofing specialist Cedral launches new accessory range

Cedral, the UK’s leading supplier of fiber cement slate, has launched a new range of faucets and accessories, underscoring its long-term commitment to installers and contractors.

Formerly under the brand name Eternit, Cedral has developed a wide range of high-quality fittings and accessories that perfectly complement the market-leading fiber cement slates Rivendale, Birkdale, Thrutone Smooth and Thrutone Textured. The new range is available through a nationwide network of dealers and distributors and includes:

  • An expanded and improved range for ridges and hips – including a new ventilation system for dry ridge, an end cap and smaller, more compact fiber cement combs measuring 525mm.
  • Edge cladding – for new and renovated roofs.
  • Main roof ventilation – including inline slate ventilation and new large room ventilation.
  • General attachment – new Slater tub with copper nails and washer rivets.

To support the new range of roof accessories, Cedral has created an extensive portfolio of technical product information, including blackboards, product literature and information on fasteners, all of which are available on the company’s website.

Lisa Grosse, Brand Manager at Cedral said, “Our mission is to help installers and contractors create beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting homes with minimal effort. Over the past few months we have worked hard behind the scenes to develop this new range of faucets and accessories that will add consistency and quality to our slate products.

“After the lockdown, roofers are now busier than ever. Our goal is therefore to make the specification of the right equipment and accessories for the job even easier. We are excited about the new range and are sure that this development will be welcomed by the industry. “

All Cedral roof accessories are BS5534 compliant and have been carefully designed, tested and manufactured to save time on site and provide the best protection for any roofing project.

Further information on the Cedral accessories program can be found at:

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