Roofing Technician – FTC 6 Months at Massmart


Customer loyalty and support
– From the acceptance of the offer function as the primary link between the customer and the production plant with regard to the manufacture, delivery and completion of the roof to the satisfaction of the customer.
– Make an appointment with the customer on the day the offer is accepted to simplify and confirm the work requirements and ensure that the right person is on site at the time of the inspection and measurement.
– Capture and communicate all customer feedback and requirements, verbally and in writing, using the tools available (Kratos, Discussion and Email) so that all affected parties within the organization are aware of the requirements and expectations.
– Ensure that any instructions given on site are recorded in a site variation book with both the customer and relevant parties signing acceptance of the instruction
– Track customer feedback to ensure any pending items are resolved as soon as possible and immediately escalate any unresolved items to the Roofing Manufacturing Manager and Regional Manufacturing Manager to ensure they are as expected of the customer.

Communication channels
– All communications are to be discussed and recorded in writing
– All registers, reports, photos, feedback, measurements, emails and other items are to be uploaded to Kratos and noted
– All matters that need to be resolved must be resolved as soon as possible. If they are not resolved within 24 hours, the matter will be referred to the HOD for roofing manufacturing and the regional manufacturing manager.
– The notification must be sent to or copied to each person concerned. These include, for example, KAM / CAM, sales coordinator, branch manager, roofer, roofer HOD, regional production manager, etc.
– An unresolved issue per order schedule is maintained daily and copied to the Manufacturing HOD and regional manufacturing manager every morning until the order is closed using the various customer satisfaction documents.
– The escalation and resolution of questions, problems and customer requirements is the responsibility of the roofing technician

Location measurement
– Plan ahead with Kratos and communication with the sales teams to ensure that all measurements, follow-up and installation locations are carried out as required.
– Make an appointment with the customer and make sure that the right person is met on site.
– If there are no architectural drawings, explain to the client what we intend to do and make sure the client has signed the Mitek design, 3D renderings and other available information to make the design and specifications as clear as possible to shape him. Upload copies of these signed documents to Kratos.
– Review and interpret architectural drawings with MiTek Roof Design prior to measurement, familiarize yourself with the requirements and ensure that they are taken into account when visiting the website. Record discrepancies and report them to the roofer.
– Analyze the information required for the location measurement and collect relevant information such as: B. Slope, wingspan, heel details, etc., which are required prior to site measurement. Discuss more complicated tasks with the roofer to understand the information they specifically need and to make sure that information is collected.
– Measure and closely check that all measurements on Mitek drawings correspond to the actual requirements for location, Kratos and architectural drawings
– Mark and mark deviations from Mitek drawings and actual dimensions on site and discuss these with the roofer.
– Reach out to the appropriate person on your communication channel immediately to discuss any concerns before leaving the site. Capture concerns and share them with other affected people on the channel.
– Photograph / film each site to make sure there are problem areas to aid the designer and upload them to Kratos
– Complete the required location measurement / roof package checklist and upload it to Kratos

After sales visit
– Perform an on-site inspection within 48 hours of delivery prior to roofing installation to ensure that the site has received the correct products and that the installation is in accordance with the roof layouts provided.
– If Builders fail to install, a phone call is all it takes to verify that everything has been received on site that is required.
– Complete the courtesy report and email it. Make your roofer manufacturing manager aware of further action to be taken in order to take further action and communication.
– Escalate any outstanding concerns to the roof manufacturing manager and regional manufacturing manager.
– Before leaving the site, contact the Roofing Manufacturing Manager or other affected party
– Keep a schedule for all jobs that require an A19, TR1, TR2 or manufacturing certificate and make sure they take place and are sent to the customer on time.
– Notify the customer and the sales channel that the required certification and corrective actions have not been achieved

Delivery and fit
– After confirming the order, immediately arrange an appointment for a visit on site and issue a construction contract that confirms the following to the contractor, the customer and the builder: o Contractor’s program, start and completion dates (construction contract) o Access and health – and safety requirements o Safe storage of materials o Inspection and site meeting appointments o Milestone appointments of the contractor o Necessary coordination with other contractors o Requirements for systems and scaffolding
– Confirm this in writing with the customer and inform the assigned installer and the manager for the production of roofs (work order).
– Manage and confirm all relevant orders for the delivery and customization of the order.
– Manage installation process o Start and completion dates o Delay claims (update program) o Deviations o Quality requirements and inspections
– Make sure the installer or installer representative is on site to receive goods if this is not possible. A written confirmation that all products were received and in good condition prior to installation.
– Date of the site inspection (A19 & customer satisfaction letter)
– Initiate payment to the installer and keep a record of total contract value, work status and payments made to ensure there is no overpayment possible.
Remedial action
– Investigate, review, report and complete all remedial action when directed to do so by your roofing manager or regional manufacturing manager.
– Communicate by phone and email with the necessary people to keep abreast of the issues raised, the progress and the completion of the work required to complete the remedial action.


At least academic, professional qualifications and experience are required for this position
– Matric
– Computer skills
– Mitek Basic & Intermediate Certification
– Experience in installing roofs would be an advantage
– I can’t be afraid of heights
– 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar position.
– Ability to read, interpret and understand plans.
– Ability to manage a project or managed projects in previous employment

Desired skills:

  • installation
  • canopy
  • plans
  • Projects

Desired work experience:

  • 2 to 5 years retail
  • 2 to 5 years of installation / repair of electrical and electronic equipment

Desired qualification level:

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