Rx SeedCoin Partners with Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. for Clean Energy Blockchain Development Project | 2021-11-24 | Press Releases

FORT WASHINGTON, MD / ACCESSWIRE / Nov. 24, 2021 / Rx SeedCoin, Inc. (RxSeedCoin.io:WSOW), an advanced blockchain technology organization committed to uplifting humankind and providing solutions to the world’s pressing problems, announced today announced that Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK: SIRC), an integrated solar power and rooftop installation company, is a shareholder of Rx SeedCoin and has entered into an agreement to integrate existing and develop new blockchain technologies that are already underway innovate virtually every aspect of renewable energy companies and systems around the world.

Rx SeedCoin is an advanced blockchain technology organization dedicated to providing solutions to the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, the provision of clean energy solutions, and disaster relief and temporary shelters. Rx SeedCoin created a cryptocurrency coin called the SOW-Coin (also known as “the Coin of Compassion”) to capitalize on their projects by creating a community of people who keep each other helping each other by buying the SOW-Coin and trade, which will be available shortly, can be converted into popular fiat currencies. The concept of the coin is that when SOW-Coin holders buy SOW-Coin and conduct transactions, they help fund Rx SeedCoin’s charity projects and SOW-Coin holders have an advantage in helping others as they have theirs Can sell coins back to the community to cover the cost of emergencies that may arise in their own life. In this way, people “reap what they sow”. SOW-Coin was received so warmly that the coin was accepted to be traded on Bitmart, a major cryptocurrency exchange. The coin is the first Stellar Coin to be packaged into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by Rx SeedCoin engineers, producing WSOW. SOW-Coin is expected to be listed on the Bitmart Exchange on December 15, 2021. For more information, please visit the company’s website at RxSeedCoin.io.

Rx SeedCoin’s Jeff Richfield and David Miller reached out to Solar Integrated in late September 2021 for a feasibility study to install and manage solar power delivery in a promising Rx SeedCoin project in the Caribbean. One of the unique requirements of this and many other solar projects around the world is the provision, metering and payment of electricity using blockchain technology, which provides superior automation, lower costs, corporate governance, transparency, metering and payment processing, and exceptional benefits and liquidity Stakeholders that were never available before blockchain technology existed.

“In Rx SeedCoin projects with renewable energy supply, we directly experience the welcome of our own SOW-Coin and other cryptocurrencies as the most convenient way to pay for goods and services and to enable automation through blockchain technology that enables the flow of energy and payments Get automated, which saves money and is transparent and minimizes the potential for waste and fraud, “says Jeff Richfield of Rx SeedCoin. “We are a blockchain technology-based project and our developers are highly skilled, as evidenced by our recent creation of a first bridge connecting Stellar Coin to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and we have strong hardware and software partnerships for renewable energy who can help us. ” to complete our current projects. One partner is Candelacoin.com with its IoT device interface that uploads telemetry from power systems to the blockchain for automatic measurements, billing to customers, payment facilities, paying operators, stakeholders, taxes and regulators. “

“We are excited to use our rare technical skills in collaboration with Solar Integrated, whose products and services we also need. We believe we can add exceptional value to Solar Integrated Roofing and appreciate their ability to fulfill the solar projects we have already completed, “added David Miller, Founder of Rx SeedCoin.

“According to industry analysts, blockchain investments in the energy sector are expected to reach more than $ 5.8 billion by 2025 for microgrids and other related technologies that are becoming dependent on blockchain alone to cut costs, including managing smart Meters and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). ), “says Pablo Diaz, President of Solar Integrated Technology.” According to organizations like Global Market Insights Inc, blockchain technology in the energy market is expected to grow to $ 18 billion by 2025. Today we are seeing a market cap of trillion dollars in the cryptocurrency markets because of the benefits of using these types of currencies “in payment systems, as well as transparency and fraud prevention for electricity delivery. For all of these reasons, we are forced to look at blockchain technology . “

“As hardware like Candelacoin’s IoT device becomes popular and organizations like Rx SeedCoin bring projects to us, we see blockchain technology grow in the energy sector like everywhere from Amazon, Apple and Facebook to Walmart and Starbucks Coffee in the experience with Rx SeedCoin just confirmed that we need to look into this technology in order to stay at the forefront of energy delivery and also access to capital and funding made available through the popularity of Decentralized Funding (DeFi) and the convenience of instruments such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are based on blockchain technology, “says David Massey, CEO of SIRC.” We believe that in Rx SeedCoin we have found the financial and technical know-how to help us with this important Engage technology and we couldn’t be happier to become a SOW-Coin shareholder and support the great work of Rx SeedCoin doing zen to help people in the US and around the world. “

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