S-5! Launches New and Improved Website

S-5! announced the launch of its new and improved website, which aims to create a more user-friendly, informative and imaginative website for end customers, manufacturers and distributors. The new website of S-5! Offers updated content with updated information and load test tables with new and improved navigation, improved user interface design and additional resources including:

New learning / resource center: Offers expanded product pages, brochures, case studies, installation instructions, and other marketing resources, with the ability to filter information across multiple categories in one easy-to-use database.

New training center: S-5! The university offers free live and on-demand webinars, as well as AIA and NABCEP courses. also available in spanish.

New and improved online snow calculator: The web-based snow calculator from S-5! Now more robust than ever, it searches the entire test database to determine exact, technical options and quantities for each application. Helps users understand their roof type, allows them to log and save all project data, and connect to a dealer or S-5! Staff to request a technical stamp; with an option for exposed roofs.

New online project configurator tool: Helps customers plan their projects from start to finish and helps them find the right clamp, bracket and / or system for the particular roof profile. Using a project dashboard, users can log and save all project data, add multiple roof profiles, view all projects and offer advanced filters across multiple categories. The Project Configurator Tool is compatible with the S-5! Connected. (A new solar calculator is coming soon.)

“We’re excited to offer a more user-friendly, updated website that provides web-based tools that our customers can use to make informed decisions,” said S-5! CEO & Founder, Rob Haddock. “With our hands-on experience on site and on rooftops, we are constantly reviewing ways to give our customers a competitive edge, and we hope that our new website will be an important resource for the success of their projects.”

More information is available at www.S-5.com.

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