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As the strong growth in the construction industry continues and jobs are safely reopened, Secure site check-in announced its digital check-in, the safety and productivity app for construction sites now offers enhanced reporting and collaboration. With Safe Site Check-In, construction companies save hours each week of time previously spent manually logging into construction sites, managing workers and subcontractors, monitoring projects, and reconciling productivity reports and invoices. Workstations can better manage capacities, supplier visits and hybrid work schedules with the Safe Site Check-In app.

As Safe Site expands with new customers in Australia and Canada, Safe Site also announced that it is partnering with the United States Commercial Service arm of the International Trade Administration of the Department of Commerce to facilitate rapid overseas growth.

Safe Site Check In launched in June 2020 with a digital check-in, health screening and contact tracking app for the construction industry. With a QR code, workers, subcontractors, and visitors can easily log in, verify their identities, and securely answer health questions based on company, state, or federal guidelines.

As companies realized the post-pandemic benefits of always knowing who’s on their job site, what they’re doing, where they worked, how long they stayed, and the name of their manager or host, Safe Site Check In added more new features add and functions. This includes multilingual support, custom entry and exit questions, and review of compliance and training videos and content.

“Safe Site Check-In is an important security tool that we will continue to use long after the pandemic,” said Kasey Duffy, senior business analyst at Pepper Construction. “It’s easy to use, yet it’s a powerful way to manage construction sites and teams. Knowing who is or was on your construction site is important information for safety, compliance and liability protection. “

Today, the Safe Site Check In app has supported over a million check-ins on more than 500 construction sites and offices. Customers include large construction companies and real estate developers Bond and Toll Brothers, as well as small to medium-sized general contractors (GCs) Premier Structures, Overaa and Windover.

The latest version of Safe Site Check In provides detailed weekly reports with activities and hours worked by subcontractors, employees and projects via daily log automation. This gives GCs, project managers, supervisors, and office administrators an easier way to manage people, productivity, and profitability while identifying potential issues before they impact the project. In addition, supervisors can easily upload pictures and videos from a construction site and use the voice-to-text feature to take notes as they work. The information and comments are simply uploaded via a secure cloud for collaboration between field service and office. The information can also be incorporated into the weekly productivity reports.

“We started Safe Site Check In during one of the most difficult times of 2020. Our mission was to enable critical businesses to operate safely without exposing employees or visitors to the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19, ”said David Ward, CEO and Founder of Safe Site Check In. “As customers have recognized the cost savings from eliminating paper-based check-in processes and an inexpensive, simple way to manage employees and visitors, our app has caught on and is now preferred for several reasons.”

Secure site check-in information

Secure site check-in offers a simple, customizable and private digital screening solution to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors on site. Our technology is used by companies across North America for project and people management, capacity planning, compliance, health reviews and contact tracing.

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