Safety Harbor woman stuck without a working kitchen, wants to know where her insurance money is

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. – Geraldine Carey thought her insurance nightmare was over by now. Instead, she will go on vacation without a working kitchen.

And this is months after she agreed to a $ 70,000 homeowner insurance agreement. She didn’t see a penny and turned to Better Call Behnken for answers.

“I didn’t get anything and they won’t talk to me and tell me what’s going on, the reason I didn’t get anything until I can communicate with someone. I have no idea what’s going on, ”said Carey.

Investigative consumer reporter Shannon Behnken found that the insurance company mailed a check to Carey’s attorney in early November. However, an attorney for the firm said a new check was requested because the firm did not believe Careys Bank would process the check before the age of 60. Day expiry date has passed.

A Universal Casualty and Property Insurance attorney told Better Call Behnken that the application wasn’t made until this week. The insurance company, says the lawyer, has already made out the new check.

According to Carey, that nightmare started more than a year ago with a sewer lock that ultimately had to be caused by rusty pipes that needed to be replaced.

Carey says she was told the kitchen needed to be gutted to confirm the mold before the check was cut. That was in August and she’s lived like that ever since.

“This is how I cook … my little crockpots and my George Foreman grill here,” Carey said, showing off her makeshift kitchen.


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