Salata to Debut New Restaurant Prototype in Florida

When the doors open at the Lake Mary, Florida restaurant on February 7th, Salata Salad Kitchen will celebrate two new milestones: its first Florida location and the introduction of its new restaurant design and experience.

The new Salata prototype continues to offer guests fully customizable salads and wraps, soups, organic teas and sodas to order. While the menu offerings that Salata diners love remain the same, the design of the restaurant will be very different.

“We saw the opportunity to improve our restaurant environment by completely redesigning our strategic approach to the customer experience,” said Michelle Bythewood, President of Salata. “Our new prototype meets the requirements for more parts of the day and an improved pick-up experience for online orders that is directly aimed at increasing our restaurant’s various sources of income.”

Shift the focus to the guest experience

Salata’s redesign of the restaurant comes after extensive research. Since opening in 2005, Salata restaurants have focused on their product offering, presentation and rear side, reflecting the company’s functional needs in a fast food restaurant. With that in mind, Salata knew that after more than a decade of the same restaurant look and dining experience, it was time to focus on the natural advancement of updating the brand in meaningful ways for their customers.

Salata embarked on a multi-faceted research process with the help of Back Lot Productions, Inc., an Atlanta-based brand development and design company. Following the research, Salata and Back Lot Productions developed the concept for the new Salata through Back Lot’s unique approach to brand design, which they call Markitecture: marketing your brand through the built environment to evoke the desired emotional response from the guest.

“We really wanted to understand what consumers really want and value,” says Bythewood. “It was critical to perform demographic and psychographic segmentation, multiple focus groups, and triads to develop a deep understanding of our customers’ behavior and needs.”

Emphasis on Salata trademarks

Salata diners will notice a significant difference in the color palette of the new Salata. With neutral white and gray tones and metal surfaces, the new restaurant has a modern appearance, in which the bright, lively colors of the Salata product range serve as the focal point of the restaurant. When guests enter the newly designed Salata, they get an open, expansive view of the colorful line.

“Our fresh ingredients really are the star of Salata, so we want them to be the focus,” says Bythewood. “This proves that it is not necessary to introduce new trademarks, but rather to celebrate the trademarks that make Salata unique.”

Another example of this is the introduction of the Salata glycol tea faucet system. The new signature system is famous for its organic teas and ensures that the teas are perfectly cooled at 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

Food “neighborhoods”

The dining area within the restaurant has also changed drastically. It has been transformed into a dining area that suits the different needs, preferences, moods and times of their visits. In the dining rooms there is an aisle for take-away orders. a quick entry and exit area for lunch at a table or window bar; a communal table for dining with friends; a lounge area ideal for afternoon work sessions; and a more traditional area for dining in a cabin with family or friends.

Lake Mary Salata is the organization’s first location in Florida and the 84th location overall. Lake Mary was chosen because of its strong trading zone and community focus on healthy lifestyles. Further locations in Florida are to be opened in 2019.

Founded in 2005 and based in Houston, Salata has more than 80 company-owned franchise locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, Georgia and Southern California and plans to open in several new markets including Florida and Louisiana in 2019.

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