Salina roofer ordered to repay customer, fined $110,000

SALINA, Kan. (WIBW) – A Salina roofer was ordered to repay more than $ 8,300 to a customer and was fined $ 110,000.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt says a Salina roofer has to pay more than $ 8,300 in restitution and fined $ 110,000 for violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, which includes the Kansas Roofing Registration Act.

According to AG Schmidt, Michael J. Stubbs, who works as Triple M Roofing and Remodeling, was temporarily banned from providing roofing services in Kansas. He said McPherson Co. District Judge John Klenda approved a default judgment in McPherson Co. after Stubbs failed to respond to a lawsuit filed by Schmidt. He said Stubbs had been ordered to pay a resident of McPherson Co. $ 8,316 in restitution and was fined $ 110,000 for various other violations of the Kansas Roofing Registration Act. He said Stubbs and Triple M Roofing and Remodeling were temporarily banned from operating as roofers until Stubbs received valid registration from Schmidt’s office.

In addition, Schmidt said in recent months that he had issued a consent judgment with the following roofers for violations of the KRRA. He said the settlement requires contractors to pay civil penalties for KRRA violations and comply with the KRRA when providing roofing services in the future. He said the contracted contractors are as follows:

  • Rainbow Roofing, LLC; Wyandotte District Court; 2021-CV-000087
  • Guardian Construction, LLC; Coffey District Court; 2021-CV-000002
  • Matthew Clark et al., Guaranteed Roofing and Exteriors LLC; Shawnee County District Court; 2021-CV-000036
  • Peterson Roofing and Construction, LLC; Jefferson County District Court; 2021-CV-000002
  • Chetos Roofing, Inc .; District Court of Lyon; 2020-CV-000122
  • Dolan Restoration and Construction, Inc .; Shawnee County District Court; 2020-CV-000611
  • Henry Construction, LLC; Shawnee County District Court; 2020-CV-000382
  • JDQ Construction, LLC; Bourbon County District Court; 2020-CV-000041
  • Triad, Inc .; Miami District Court; 2020-CV-000067
  • Premier Roofing, LLC; Brown County District Court; 2020-CV-000026
  • Ultimate Roofing Consulting & Development, LLC; Shawnee County District Court; 2020-CV-000557
  • Marathon Roofing, LLC; Douglas County District Court; 2020-CV-000312

In each case, Schmidt said defendants’ subcontractors advertised, requested, or provided roofing services in the Sunflower State without registering or having any status other than that required by the KRRA or in violation of any other provision of the law. He said copies of the consent judgments are available HERE.

Schmidt said he reminded consumers to make sure roofers are properly registered before signing contracts or having work done. He said customers can request a copy of their roofer’s registration certificate and then visit the AG’s consumer protection website to confirm that the roofer has a good reputation.

To search the AG’s consumer protection website, click HERE.

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