Scammers targeting folks through ‘free’ roof inspections

According to the city of Waukee, many local residents have reported calls from roof repair companies offering free inspections. Here’s what the BBB wants you to look out for.

WAUKEE, Iowa – A Waukee City Facebook post on Tuesday said residents reported receiving calls from roof repair companies offering free inspections, but those calls were likely fraudulent.

The Better Business Bureau says that roofer fraud becomes more common as warmer weather and summer storms set in. As early as March, the BBB reported that it had already received reports of dodgy “free” roof inspections.

The scam is simple – a person can get a phone call or find someone claiming to be representing a roofing company that is in its first tier. Recent reports suggest that scammers often use the name of the state plus “roof” or “construction” as their business name.

The person then offers a free inspection, but why?

The BBB says the person can claim their company is working on a neighbor’s house and doing inspections nearby. However, if a homeowner asks questions about the company’s location, the answers may be vague, or if a homeowner is on the phone, the caller may simply hang up.

Once a person accepts the free inspection, the “Inspector” will appear. If they can’t find enough wear and tear to deserve a whole new roof, they can make it by tearing down shingles to mimic damage, according to the BBB.

So how should people avoid this type of scam?

The BBB says the following are the key points that you should be careful about:

  • Beware of unsolicited offers
  • Let your insurance company check your roof
  • Before hiring, find out about roofing companies

More information is available on the BBB website by clicking / tapping here.

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