Shamrock Roofing & Construction | Putting Unity in Community College Scholarship

Each participant must be a high school graduate and have a 2.5 GPA or higher. To participate, applicants must submit a 500-word essay on what inspires them to pursue further education and how their field of study or career choice could open up opportunities to influence the community more strongly in the future.

Participants are also asked to volunteer in their community for at least 5 hours, whether it’s a park cleaning, volunteering at a nonprofit event, or a free service for a friend or neighbor in need. Participants must provide photo documentation and a reference when submitting their main courses.

Giving back to the community plays a huge part in Shamrock’s ethos as they are very passionate about making a positive impact on their community. In addition to launching a scholarship program, Shamrock has other community programs such as roof giveaways for local veterans and first responders. We hope to inspire other companies to give back to the community in every possible way, big or small! That is why it is so to bring unity into the community

important for Shamrock Roofing and Construction.


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