Shingles Available in Four New Colors

Two years after introducing the TruDefinition Duration FLEX shingles, Owens Corning expands the Duration FLEX shingle portfolio with four new, vibrant, dimensional colors. Black Sable, Sand Dune, Storm Cloud and Summer Harvest are the latest shingle colors in the Duration FLEX family that combine the power of color with high performance. The new range of colors expands the existing classic palette of rich, sophisticated shades.

At the start of the DIY spring season, the expanded shingles color options inspire new ideas for using the roof to make the outer edge more attractive. The Duration FLEX line offers excellent performance and protection season after season even in extreme weather conditions. The new shingles combine style with strength and withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer everyday protection.

Duration FLEX has a gumming effect that provides greater flexibility than traditional shingles and is engineered to provide improved durability and performance in all environmental conditions. Modified with SBS polymer, the shingle is engineered with patented SureNail technology to provide superior performance and added confidence as it provides 42 percent better wind resistance than standard shingles. The built-in flexibility protects against cracks and tears in all weather conditions and at the same time offers a tear resistance that is over 10 percent stronger than conventional shingles. The rubbery flexibility allows Duration FLEX shingles to withstand stretch and contraction loads and minimize the loss of granules, thereby protecting the shingle from UV radiation.

While performance is paramount with the Duration FLEX line, homeowners are also turning to the roof to enhance the outdoor appeal of their home and express personal style.

The TruDefinition Duration FLEX shingles support extreme weather performance and bring beautiful new color options to the roof. Owens Corning has compiled a selection of online clapboard pairings to provide color inspiration and help homeowners express their personal style on the outside of their home.

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