SHIP program helps low-income families with emergency home repairs, home replacement | Local News

SHIP is Florida’s State Housing Initiatives Partnership program that provides funds to local governments to provide affordable housing for very low, low, and middle income families.

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Funding for this program was established with the passage of the Sadowski Affordable Housing Act in 1992, which increased the document stamp tax paid on all real estate transactions.

These funds, housed in a special federal and local trust fund for residential real estate, are allocated to local governments using a population-based formula.

What types of projects does SHIP fund?

SHIP dollars fund emergency repairs such as roof repair and replacement, HVAC repair and replacement, window replacement, etc. SHIP also pays for new builds if a home is found to be irreparable.

SHIP funds can also be used for down payment and closing costs for first time owners.

SHIP funds are also being used to repair homes so seniors can age on the spot, or to retrofit homes for people with special needs.

How Much Money Does Citrus County Get Each Year?

That’s a tough question, according to Tammy Harris, director of Housing Services for Citrus County.

“Since the Sadowski Trust Fund was set up, lawmakers have used it for other projects,” she said. “We are fortunate to have funding, but it was never the set amount we should have received.”

She added, “Last year was the first year in many years that lawmakers voted (against) using the trust fund on any other project so we were fully funded. However, the governor vetoed the budget so that no one in the state received shipping funds. “

When fully funded, Citrus County is expected to receive $ 2,085,294 for fiscal year 2021-22.

The Senate on Wednesday revised Law 2512, which aims to apportion some of the taxes to document stamps currently earmarked for affordable housing. Wednesday’s change calls for $ 200 million for affordable housing, $ 111.7 million for sea level rise and $ 111.7 million for wastewater treatment.

The house passed an accompanying law (HB 5401) on Thursday.

Who Is Eligible for Marine Assistance in Citrus County?

This program is open to residents of Citrus County. The house must be the main residence and the household must not exceed an AMI (Area Median Income) of 80%.

How do people sign up for SHIP support?

County Housing Services are always accepting new applications, but there is currently a three-year waiting list for services with 135 people on the list.

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