Skydio partners with EagleView for autonomous residential roof inspections via drone – TechCrunch

Skydio recently announced its expansion into the corporate and retail market with hardware and software tools for its autonomous drone technology. Now a brand new large partnership is being concluded with a trading partner. Skydio will partner with EagleView to perform automated roof inspections for residential buildings using Skydio drones. The service is initially provided via the Assess product from EagleView, which is being launched for the first time in Dallas / Ft. Worth area of ​​Texas.

There are plans to expand coverage to other metro areas from next year and then to include rural customers. Partners will use AI-based analytics along with Skydio’s high-resolution, precise imaging to provide roof status information to insurance companies, claims regulators and government agencies and to provide a new level of quality and accuracy for property inspections that don’t even require a personal roof inspection component.

Skydio announced its expansion of the company’s product in July, as well as a new financing round of $ 100 million. The startup, which has already shipped two generations of its groundbreaking, fully autonomous consumer drone, also unveiled the X2, a commercial drone that includes additional features such as a thermal imaging camera. In addition, the company offers a range of “Enterprise Skills” software features that enable its partners to obtain automated workflows as well as AI analysis and processing, including a house scan function for roof inspection of residential buildings, which is at the core of this new partnership .

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