Solar Integrated Roofing Signs Agreement with Applicant of $500,000,000 USTDA Grant, Solectrac, Inc., to Supply Solar Panels and Related Equipment and Installation

The agreement includes the supply of new and existing Solectrac customers as well as grant projects

EL CAJON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2020 / Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTCPINK: SIRC), a one-stop integrated solar, HVAC and rooftop installer, today announces the signing of an agreement with Solectrac, Inc., a Northern California-based electric tractor designer and manufacturer and applicant for a USTDA grant of 500,000,000 USD.

Solar Integrated Roofing will provide Solectrac’s existing customers with solar modules, electrical storage systems and other power supply devices as well as installation services and, if necessary, grant projects. This agreement also includes customers and grants from future customers.

The $ 75 billion global market for agricultural tractors is largely powered by diesel-powered equipment. The continuing global demand for pollution reduction with sustainable electric vehicles has put the electric powered tractor market at the forefront of agricultural development, efficiency and sales. Solectrac already has a compact electric tractor (CET) with 30 HP and an eUtility with 40 HP in the largest segment, the category below 40 HP, and is developing a commercial vehicle model with 70 HP and a row crop model with 40 HP. further expand their market opportunities.

“The growth in the global agricultural market for alternatively powered tractors is growing exponentially, which can only be seen in the increased interest in our products. Signing an agreement with Solar Integrated Roofing gives us a sustainable, efficient and off-grid electrical system. We can now use complete systems on the all over the world, regardless of the network connection or lack of it, while reducing equipment costs for our customers ”, commented Steve Heckeroth, CEO of Solectrac, Inc.

“Our advanced, near-turnkey products and services are perfect as we expand into the agricultural equipment market and provide us with new ways to get quickly into the underserved rural farming communities in the US. Solectrac has shown that they are sustainable.” Devices with reduced downtime, maintenance and fuel costs. The notification of our solar technology to Solectrac’s agricultural equipment will bring significant growth and benefits to this billion dollar industry. We look forward to working closely with Solectrac to deliver the much needed efficiencies and savings in tight agricultural markets, “said David Massey, CEO of Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation.

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About Solectrac

Solectrac, Inc., a California Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corporation headquartered in Northern California, has developed 100% battery-powered, all-electric tractors for agricultural and utility companies. Solectrac tractors offer farmers around the world the ability to power their tractors using sun, wind and other clean, renewable energy sources. The company’s mission is to provide farmers with independence from the pollution, infrastructure and price volatility associated with fossil fuels.

Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) is a 24% owner with an investment of $ 2.6 million last month. For more information on Ideanomics, visit the website: A recent article by Indeanomics and Solectrac about electric tractors:

USTDA – The US Trade and Development Agency is an independent US government agency founded in 1992 to promote US economic development and commercial interests in developing and middle-income countries.

About Solar Integrated Roofing Corp.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTCPINK: SIRC) is a one-stop, integrated solar and roof installation company specializing in commercial and residential real estate in the Southern California market. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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