Solar Tax Credits will be Running out after New Year

After 2021, both commercial and residential solar tax credits that provide attractive incentives for green buildings will be lost, and Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) is a timely reminder to everyone to take advantage of those savings.

Clint Sockman, AGT Vice President

“The tax credits were created to encourage the use of solar energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels,” said Clint Sockman, AGT’s vice president. “Now is the time for companies and individuals to capitalize on these savings before they run out. This critical tax credit allows owners to achieve a return on investment that will no longer be at the same level after 2021. “

One of the companies benefiting from the solar loans is Costex Tractor Parts in Doral. The new headquarters is nearing completion and includes a 1.6 megawatt solar roof with 4,022 panels from AGT. As a green company, Costex estimates that the solar system will save more than $ 200,000 annually. 520 solar modules were recently completed for the Mercola company in southwest Florida, producing over 400 kilowatts of electricity per month for a 45,000 square meter building in which health products are manufactured.

Rob Kornahrens, CEO of AGT

“Renewable energies continue to be achieved for companies in Florida along with additional schools,” said Rob Kornahrens, CEO of AGT. “In Florida, environmentally friendly steps are being taken while inexpensive solar energy is being achieved.”

Since its inception in 2007, AGT has installed more than 200 commercial solar systems nationwide, generating more than 300 megawatts of clean energy. This solar success is the equivalent of electricity used by 57,459 households and the greenhouse gas emissions saved by 73,321 cars driven over a year, according to EPA calculations. For more information, see

AGT is a leader in solar technology and with the demand for environmentally conscious practices, including electric cars, the company is growing with additional offerings. The company’s solar carports, which protect vehicles while generating clean energy, complement the charging stations for electric vehicles. Prior to this active hurricane season, AGT installed solar roofs in high windy zones across the country.

A current example of a net zero facility is Lung Biotechnology’s PBC buildings in Jacksonville, where AGT has installed five solar carports to protect over 100 vehicles and generate up to 1.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity The center supplies 50% of the total energy required for electricity. Orlando AGT’s solar systems include a solar carport for Lockheed Martin, which saves more than $ 370,000 annually in energy costs, and a similar carport for this company in Oldsmar, which protects over 500 vehicles and produces 2.25 megawatts of energy. which is enough to supply around 300 households with electricity.

Kornahrens, who started his family’s advanced roofing company in 1983, continues to see solar growth reaching new heights in Florida. To meet the state’s demand for solutions to climate change, AGT recently acquired a 32,000 square foot office and warehouse in Tampa Bay. The team in central Florida has grown to more than 70 roofer and solar employees. The company is based in South Florida and services can be found at and

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