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With a runner on first and an out, Peyton Hill stepped on the record looking for the momentum that would bring Prodigy back into the game against World Cup Roofing.

The Maryville side were 8-2 in the top of the third inning behind the Ohio team but got off to a good start after a Ryan Jorgenson single seemed to momentarily shift momentum to the left.

That is, until a line drive led straight to Nate Miller at first base, which resulted in Jorgensen initially doubling up to end the inning.

Prodigy ran out of options and World Cup Roofing took the opportunity to win 17-2 at Everett Park on Saturday and eliminate Prodigy from the Smoky Mountain Classic.

“We hit the ball hard, but we hit it directly,” Prodigy manager Cole Carruthers told the Daily Times. “Unfortunately that happens sometimes. It’s an unfortunate piece that was part of a series of larger unfortunate pieces. It was deflation, obviously because you think you’re about to run and we’ve been squareing the ball well all day, but we hit them right.

“We don’t have the strength that many other teams have, so we have to rely on base hits and when you do that, you sometimes hit them directly.”

However, Prodigy’s bats had no problem finding the right spots early on.

At the top of the first, Bryan Arakawa took the lead with a singles to the right and two at-bats later, Justin Teffeteller shot a ball over the fence in the center right to give Prodigy a 2-0 lead with just one out.

Jorgenson, Blake Dutton and Tyler Statzer offered another opportunity to build on that early lead. Each added a piece to boost the bases with two outs, but Prodigy couldn’t take advantage of the situation after Chuck Maples flown out to the left to keep the score at 2-0.

WM Roofing responded in the bottom frame with a double home run by Joey Miller set up by a leadoff walk to tie the game 2-2, then another walk and Jimmy Miller RBI single made it a 3-2 Game .

While Prodigy was able to break out of a base-filled jam and keep WM Roofing from expanding its lead, it was unable to play big enough plays on the record or defensively to keep the score within reach hold.

WM Roofing crossed five runs in the second, three in the third, two in the fourth and one more in the fifth and won the game convincingly.

“We had her on ropes there for a minute,” said Carruthers. “They played some good games that got them out of a tough inning, and it got them a little bit on fire. I think that carried them through the rest of the game. “

While Prodigy’s stint at the Smoky ended two games, Carruthers always welcomes the opportunity to compete against some of the best teams in the nation on his home turf at least once a year.

“It’s always fun to come out and play,” said Carruthers. “You see the best teams in the country come out and compete against each other and try to endure them a little. Nobody likes to lose and you hope you could have done better, but it’s always fun. This is definitely the best tournament of the year. “

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