Sonic Loads Up New Extra-Long Ultimate Cheesesteaks with Crispy Tots

Sonic Drive-In warms the cold season bite by bite with the brand new Extra-Long Ultimate Cheesesteaks, which are covered with Sonic’s famous golden tots.

The Original Extra-Long Ultimate Cheesesteak bundles perfectly seasoned steak and grilled onions, topped with melting cheddar cheese, spicy cheese sauce and crispy, golden tots in an extra long bun. The Spicy Extra-Long Ultimate Cheesesteak makes it even better with jalapeños.

“The cheesesteak is famous for its simple but deliciously tasty combination of steak, cheese and onions,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development at Sonic. “The extra long ultimate cheesesteaks combine these well-known flavors with the crunch of our famous crispy, golden tots and bring the cheesesteak experience to a unique sonic. Why only have tots on the side when you can have them with every bite? “

The Extra Long Ultimate Cheesesteaks are available for a limited time until February 28th.

Guests can place an order for contactless payment and ordering online or in the Sonic app.

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