South Florida Homeowners Wait Months for Roof Repairs – NBC 6 South Florida

Ten months after Hurricane Irma hit South Florida, many people are still waiting for their roof to be repaired or replaced.

“Every time it rained, it leaked,” said Jorge Andrade.

He hired Home Depot in October 2017 to replace its leaky roof.

He was told to wait, but was given an approximate start date in mid-December.

But when the new year came and he still didn’t have a new roof, he got impatient and contacted the store.

“They said they didn’t have any subcontractors. They didn’t have people to work on my roof,” Andrade recalled.

Work on its roof finally began in March.

But when it failed the inspection, he called NBC 6 Responds.

Jenny Vargas, also known as NBC 6, reacts when work does not start in time for hurricane season. She signed her contract with Home Depot in January.

A statement from The Home Depot said: “The storms of last year have created a strong demand for roofs and labor, which is not unique to The Home Depot. Regardless, we always want to be clear about the project timelines and we at the Andradeses and apologize to Vargases for the inconvenience. “

The South Florida Roofing Contractors Association agreed that waiting often blames too few people to do all of the work going on here and along the state’s west coast. They also say there is a shortage of materials like some roof tiles.

Jorge Andrade has a new roof that passed the inspection. He was also reimbursed $ 1,000 for the delays.

“I don’t want anyone else to go through what we went through with an umbrella project,” he said.

And while he’s upset about how long it took, his contract includes words like “estimated delivery date” and “approximate finish date”.

Jenny Vargas now also has her new roof. However, nothing was included in their contract as a completion date. It was left blank.

Real estate attorney Juan Perez says the wording used in a contract gives contractors leeway.

“Anytime you have the ‘approximate start date’, ‘approximate end date’ language, it really means it could start here, it could start there, but if it doesn’t, we’re still fine under the terms of the contract . ” he explained. “What you sign, you get. If there is no specific language for the start and end time or the end time, you left that term open.”

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