St. Louis UPS driver surprised by customers with check for new roof

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CLAYTON, MO (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) – Carolyn Crump, a United Parcel Service driver out of St. Louis, was surprised by more than 60 of her customers – and their dogs – on Friday with a check for a new roof.

The residents of Crumps delivery route gathered in Concordia Park on Friday afternoon to surprise the driver of more than 23 years.

“If I had known this was happening, I would have brought the whole canister (of dog treats) with me,” said Crump, holding a huge check that read “Happy Birthday” in his hand. Crump’s birthday is Monday.

Crump initially returned to the neighborhood after being told that a package was missing. Instead, the beloved driver was led blindfolded down De Mun Avenue, where she received a check for a new roof.

Overall, it took less than two weeks to put the plan together, said Jason Lehtman, one of the organizers of GoFundMe, which raised money for the new roof.

Lehtman said a few weeks ago that Crump had mentioned that she would like to get a new roof next summer. Lehtman works in the roof area, so he had a member of staff make a cost estimate.

After learning the total cost, Lehtman set up GoFundMe and the news spread quickly – several thousand dollars were raised in about two days.

“Every single person can tell you a story that (Crump) went way beyond how they brought up food when someone’s arm was broken,” Lehtman said. “She has a heart of gold. The day before we had to park our dog, I found her in our foyer and said goodbye to our dog. That’s the kind of person she is. “

Complaints and compliments for UPS employees are sent through the same portal to company managers. But for Crump these are all compliments, said her supervisor Jane Strini, who also appeared to the surprise.

“During that time, it’s just nice to see a community come together and just give them recognition. You couldn’t ask for anything better, ”said Strini. “She’s definitely a UPS’er – she is.”

Some of Crump’s employees reported on their shift during the presentation. Others came to watch and made sure their trucks were parked a few blocks away, as the neighborhood dogs were used to running to Crump’s trucks for something special.

Some residents said Friday that Crump was even known for running up and down the block delivering packages to ensure she had a minute to pet the dogs along the way.

“It’s easy to have a positive attitude when you know how blessed you are to have just one job, especially during a pandemic,” Crump said. “I love online shoppers. I should get a bumper sticker saying this on my car. You don’t sign my check, but you definitely provide the materials for it. “

The same level of enthusiasm persisted after the surprise. Crump handed the check to her daughter and finished the day with her last 20 packages delivered.

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