SunPower releases roof-integrated solar system OneRoof

SunPower has released a new roof-integrated solar system called OneRoof. KB Home is the first home builder to offer the product in a newly built community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

KB Home is using the solar product in California to meet the state mandate that all new homes be solar-powered.

SunPower has been in the construction industry for 15 years, installing 50,000 new solar systems for homes. The company is a leader in this segment with a market share of more than 50% (according to the company). For the past 18 months, SunPower’s research and development team has worked with KB Home to develop SunPower OneRoof.

The innovative new product features interlocking metal roof troughs with integrated panel clips that allow SunPower solar modules to be installed directly on the roof terrace. This is intended to create a waterproof, impermeable solar roof. It is designed to be faster and easier to install than traditional rack solar systems and has passed UL tests including Fire Protection Class A for building integrated solar systems. The aesthetically pleasing solar roof was specially developed for the needs of California’s new home solar communities and replaces concrete roof tile materials.

“KB Home has again demonstrated its leadership role. Given our longstanding partnership with the construction company, we are confident that OneRoof will be another successful partnership,” said Tom Werner, CEO and Chairman of the Board of SunPower. “OneRoof is an innovative solution for home builders working to meet California’s new home solar mandate, as well as other states considering similar guidelines. Given our place in the new home market, investing in developing a fully integrated solar system for the benefit of builders has been a priority and we plan to include OneRoof in all new home installations. “

“We are proud to have paved the way by bringing energy savings to thousands of our homeowners through renewable solar energy, which will help reduce their overall home ownership costs and enable them to lead a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Jeff Mezger, chairman. President and Chief Executive Officer of KB Home. “We recognized early on that we could create a successful solar combination for our homeowners through innovation and partnership with SunPower.”

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