SunPower to install US$56 million solar-plus-storage system at JFK Airport

At John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, work is to begin on a parking lot roof with solar panels and a battery storage system for $ 56 million.

The New York Port Authority Board of Commissioners has approved the construction of a renewable energy project at the New York City airport that includes a 12.3 MW solar array and battery storage between 5 MW and 7.5 MW.

Construction of the project, the largest solar canopy power project in development in the country, will begin next year and is expected to be completed by 2022.

Rick Cotton, executive director of the Port Authority, said the project “shows our commitment to reducing air pollution and investing in local communities.”

Solar Plus storage manufacturer SunPower will manage the construction of the system funded by Goldman Sachs’ renewable energy investment arm.

The Port Authority has approved a number of solar energy solutions on key transportation links within the city in recent months, including a 5 MW solar park roof at Newark Airport, a 1.5 MW solar array on the roof of LaGuardia Airport, and 600 kW in one of operated warehouse the rail system of the authority.

JFK’s new Solar Plus storage system follows a call from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the US’s largest combined green energy requests in July, aiming for up to 4 GW of renewable capacity to combat climate change. This could also help Cuomo meet its April commitment to deliver 3 GW of energy storage in the state by 2030.

The electricity generated by the project will benefit small businesses and residents in the surrounding communities who are eligible for credits on electricity bills under the state’s Community Solar program.

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