Suspended jail for west Cumbrian father and son roofing duo

A West Cumbrian FATHER and son received suspended sentences after confessing to crimes committed when their roofing company ran into financial difficulties due to a tax debt.

Carlisle Crown Court heard that Kevin Musson, 64, was actively involved in the administration of Cumbria Roofing Northwest – despite being banned from acting in that capacity by a court.

Musson, Sr. of Calderbridge, Seascale, admitted disqualifying the company director between May 12, 2016 and May 30 of the following year as manager of Cumbria Roofing Northwest. fraudulent removal of £ 9,450 from the company after a voluntary liquidation order was passed on the company; and a similar offense at £ 28,583.

Faced with a huge tax burden, he “redirected” funds from the company to another company and to his own bank account, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

His 39-year-old son Ryan of The Orchard, Ravenglass, admitted two offenses. This helped Kevin Musson breach the disqualification of the company executive. and filing an unlawful motion for a company to cancel the order by claiming that the roofing company has not acted in the past three months.

Prosecutor Robert Wyn-Jones accepted that the crimes did not involve dishonesty but rather a “cover-up” of Kevin Musson’s status as a banned director.

Both customers, whose money was “diverted” from Musson Sr., suffered an impact, he said, and wrote statements about the victim’s impact. They talked about feeling “terribly disappointed” and having to pay twice for work on their roof.

The second affected customer suffered a “significant loss” in life savings and, as a result, suffered from anxiety and stress.

Kevin Musson’s attorney said he had an “extraordinary level of expertise” in the area of ​​work but accepted that he would cross the line to take a leadership role when the company was in trouble.

The recorder Ciaran Rankin said Kevin Musson was the “controlling hand” on the offensive.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years, 150 hours of unpaid work, and a 10-year ban from serving the company.

Ryan Musson – who allegedly played a minor role – was sentenced to twelve months in prison for 150 hours of unpaid work and a four-year ban on corporate executives for two years.

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